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H.P.L.Distrimix exerts for more than 15 years its activity, follow his development and increase his efforts in order to better satisfy you, his sphere of activity is the following :

Design of equipment for concrete production
Distribution of equipment for concrete transport and placement
Spare parts for road concrete mixing trucks and concrete batchings plants
Reconditionning of existing equipment
Reconditionning of existing equipment for sale
Breakdown service, maintenance and maintenance agreement service


THE EXPERIENCE: DISTRIMIX has become a reference for the construction of Concrete batching plants for making ready mixed concrete or precast concrete, and for construction sites.
THE INNOVATION: The world change, so do we, in order to adapt us at yours constraints: it's a permanent worry.
THE QUALITY: A preoccupation at any moment: to supply a good prestation in order to answer to all your waitings.