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Spare parts:

Concrete batching plant:

- Protective fitting, pallet, hand
- For OMG, TEKA mixer
- Cable and roller skip
- Detector and end of position
- Pendulum reducer wheel and screw
- Support for bars carry-rollers, rollers, drive rollers, return rollers
- Scraper belt, rubber carpets, bearings
- Indicator, sensor
- Pneumatic box, pneumatic jack, hydraulic jack, distributor
- Pneumatic tube, plug connector
- For hydraulic system, cartridge filter filter cartrige
- Butterfly valve with one flange and two flanges (diameter 100,200,250,300,350,400)
- For butterfly valve rotary jack
- Slide valves
- Electric external motovibrators, pneumatic vibrators with spheres, rollers, turbine
- Pressure relief valves, round dust collectors (Compressed air cleaning system, electric vibrator cleaning system)
- Level indicator, pressure switch (Mechanical , electronic), hygrometric sensor
- Connecting sleeve and bracket
- Mechanical parts : Seal, rolling, ...

Truck mixers / Belts / Mixer with pump:

- Output hopper, ladder
- Feed hopper, support of hopper, protective grille
- Chute, support, extension 1m
- Drum and roller
- Reducer support
- Tank support, water tank
- Reducers
- Parts for the water system:
- Water pump
- Hose connection
- Valves
- Meters
- Parts for the compressed air installation
- Hydraulic motor and pump
- Oil cooler
- Control cable
- Mudguard with additional components
- Gearbox
- Control keyboard, electric jack
- Extinguisher and box
- Tool chest and support

For all others marks or spare parts contact us.