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From the concrete truck mixer to the spare part
"To each problem, a solution"

Our daily concerns is to reply to all your waits. H.P.L.Distrimix has in its range a truck mixers list (news one or second hand):

Concrete mixers:
Transpotation and implementation of the concrete (from 6 to 12 m3)
Semi tows 1, 2 or 3 axles

Proposed machines are equiped of a hydrostatic transmission reducer coupled with an auxiliarymotor or with a transmission movement plug by joints.
- Engine mark is DEUTZ, F4L912 type, F5L912 type or F6L912 type.
- The hydrostatic can be SAUER, EATON or REXROTH mark.

Complementary equipment are also proposed for the implementation of the concrete:
Concrete truck mixers equipped of a 12 meters belt conveyor
Concrete truck mixers equipped of a telescopic belt conveyor (from 12 to 16 meters)
Concrete truck mixers equipped with pumps (15 to 29 meters length)